Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Cheesy Chick Food Truck

This past winter, on a few occasions, I bought a loaf of bread and cheese and made grilled cheese sandwiches for my meals for a few nights in a row. I'd usually enjoy it with a cup of tomato soup. While I don’t recommend doing that on a regular basis, it was my comfort food on a cold Buffalo night. 

Fast forward to early 2012 when I heard that
The Cheesy Chick, Buffalo’s grilled cheese food truck, was going to be opening. I was pretty sure it would be an instant hit. The first few weeks the truck was out and about in Buffalo, I wasn’t anywhere near it. Then, on an unsuspecting afternoon, they were outside the Canisius College Student Union, right down the street from my work. It was a gorgeous spring day out, so I walked down with one of my co-workers.

The menu includes a handful of specialty sandwiches along with a build your own option featuring different breads, cheeses and extras. Depending on the time of year they also have soup, salad and pasta salad available along with chips. For dessert their options vary and to date I've seen their cannoli dip and the nutella panini. 

I wanted to try a little bit of each so I ordered the Billy Goat sandwich (artichokes, red pepper and sundried tomatoes with goat cheese grilled on Italian bread), a serving of the pasta salad ($3.00), and some of the cannoli dip ($2.00).  

It only took about 5 minutes for me to get my order after I placed it, and the staff was friendly, making conversation while I waited. The sandwich, while a little smaller than I thought it would be, was outstanding. It was loaded with goat cheese and the combination of the veggies was delicious. I am used to ordering items with goat cheese and having them skimp on it, but not here. It was great! The pasta salad was tasty, and the cannoli dip (served with graham crackers and topped with chocolate chips) was the perfect finish to my meal. I have been craving it since, and wish they would make it a permanent menu item!

The specialty sandwiches are in the $5 range, and build your own options start at $3.25. Sides and desserts range from $2 - $3. 

I had the chance to speak with owner Alexis Andrzejak after my visit, and was thrilled to find out she is a fellow Kenmore East Alum, and grew up just a few blocks away from me! Alexis began her "career" as a teacher, jumping from school to school, but because of budget costs throughout WNY, never landed a permanent position. As she thought about her future, and didn't want another year of uncertainty she decided to get into the food truck business. 

A little over a year ago, when food trucks were starting to hit the scene in Buffalo, she began putting together the idea of a sandwich/panini truck. After jotting down many ideas, she found one common thread; CHEESE! As the year progressed, and a few more food trucks opened up,  she knew now was the time to get the truck going. She had always dreamed of owning her own restaurant, and the food truck was an option that worked for her! 

The Cheesy Chick has been operating for just about three months, and Alexis said the response has been overwhelming! She has gained hundreds of new followers on
Twitter and Facebook, and while they found their groove, patrons were extremely understanding, and had so many positive things to say. Other local food truck owners have been extremely helpful to the Cheesy Chick crew, offering pointers and being a resource when needed. 

"The best part about Buffalo is the people. I've traveled to many different places, but you can't find the people here anywhere else." Alexis told me. "This is a great place to live, raise a family and run a business. I love the four seasons Buffalo has to offer too. There is really something for everyone."

This summer, you can expect new items on the menu including a buffalo chicken wing and stuffed hot pepper grilled cheese sandwiches. More items are being taste tested and planned as well. 

The Cheesy Chick also offers catering and party options to make your next function a success.  
To find out where the truck will be, follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook, where they post their upcoming schedule for the week. They are typically at the First Niagara Center on Tuesdays and the Larkin Building every other  Thursday. New venues are being added in every week. This summer The Cheesy Chick, along with four other food trucks, will participate in the Taste of Buffalo for the first time! Alexis is excited to be part of such a huge event in Buffalo and is looking forward to seeing everyone come out. 

All of the food trucks in the area offer a unique flavor, and if you are a lover of grilled cheese you need to find out when they are coming to your part of town! Enjoy!

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  1. I think those trucks in Buffalo are mostly freezing vans or ice cream trucks that have been turned into cooking trucks. I know I have seen several ute rental that have become food trucks altogether.