Saturday, May 19, 2012

Betty's in Buffalo

If I wasn't in a partial food coma after my experience at Betty's last night, I probably would have stayed up to write this blog then. It was that good. I walked out of there absolutely giddy with joy about the experience I had with the food, my boyfriend and our waitress Sarah!

Betty's is located on Virginia Street in the City, not far from Elmwood. It is nestled among residential properties and since I've never eaten there before, and really wasn't too familiar with it other than a few people suggesting it recently, I'm calling it my "hidden gem" find of the year. We were promptly seated in the bright and colorful dining room and given some time to look over the menu. 

I appreciated a more limited menu since I'm somewhat indecisive when it comes to making dinner selections, but even so, everything looked so good I was having a hard time narrowing it down. I wanted an appetizer, soup, salad and an entree. So, like anyone who is extremely hungry would do, I ordered them all. 

My boyfriend and I split the chicken quesadillas and a cup of the cream of asparagus soup. For my entree I selected the Roasted Veggie Yummwich and my boyfriend ordered the Chicken Pot Pie (both entrees were served with a side salad). 

The quesadillas came out first and the plate offered a generous portion served with a side of fresh homemade salsa and sour cream. They were absolutely delicious. To be honest, I probably could have eaten the quesadillas with a side salad and been full, but on we went! The cream of asparagus soup came highly recommended by our waitress, and she couldn't have been more right. She even split a cup into two smaller cups, so my boyfriend and I could each have our own sample. The asparagus were cooked perfectly - not too mushy and not too "al dente" for me, and it had so much flavor! The soup came out with some fresh bread and this awesome whipped butter with garlic and pepper in it. We quickly went through what was on the plate, and our waitress brought us another! 

By the time my salad came with (with awesome yogurt tahini dressing), I was quickly filling up and didn't know how I was going to eat any of my actual wrap. The salad was great, offering more "unique" toppings including pickled onions and sunflower seeds. 

When my wrap came out it came with a big scoop of pasta salad too. For $9.75 I thought this meal was an incredible deal. The wrap was great and had a lemon garlic mayo and about eight different kinds of veggies. The veggies were cooked a little al dente and it gave the wrap a little crunch, which gave it a very fresh taste. I'm one of the probably few people who isn't a big fan of feta cheese, but the pasta salad was a Greek pasta salad. That being said, I did enjoy it. 

I had a big bite of my boyfriend's pot pie and decided that when we come back, I'll probably get that. It was served with a side of cranberry sauce and out of everything we ate, this was the only thing I didn't really care for. It was extremely tart for me.

As our meal wrapped up, we chatted with our waitress Sarah about Betty's. Sarah started working there in May 2011 as a way to make some extra money for college. "The atmosphere here is the best in Buffalo, and I've worked at a handful of restaurants. The owners put so much care and detail into Betty's and hopefully that comes through in the food and service."

The walls at Betty's are currently full of staff artwork. Throughout the year local artists are featured and all the artwork is for sale. 

Betty's is also well known for its breakfast, Sarah told me. "When I was looking for a job, I googled, "Best breakfast in Buffalo" and this place came up. It really is. It's not just the food, but the comfortable atmosphere in here when you come in for breakfast." 

As for what Sarah recommends to her customers, "You had to ask me that! Can I give you an item per meal? For dinner the veggie risotto, for lunch the chicken salad sandwich, appetizer the chicken quesadilla dipped in the lemon garlic dressing, and for breakfast the chorizo wrap, which is usually a special."

The entire waitstaff we encountered was fun, friendly and you could tell they loved where they worked. Our waitress Sarah has been my favorite waitress of the year so far, and I really appreciated all the trouble she went to to make sure our meal was great (and she didn't know I was there to blog until after the meal was over)!

Owners Carroll Simon and Doty Hall have something truly special going on at Betty's! If you were out of the loop like me, you need to make the time to get over there soon. 

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