Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Buffalo Summer Festival Dates - Don't Miss Out!

Allentown Art Festival - June 11th & June 12th
Taste Of Buffalo - July 9th & July 10th
Williamsville Old Homes Days - July 12th - 15th
Italian Festival - July 14th - July 17th
Canal Fest - July 17th - July 24th
Erie County Fair - August 10th - August 21st
Buffalo Wing Festival - September 3rd & September 4th

I am sad to report that there will be NO Brighton Field Days this year in Tonawanda.

*Please NOTE: More will be added as I find them out*

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Globe Market on Elmwood

I was first introduced to The Globe Market last winter when my boyfriend brought it over for lunch. I kinda fell in love. It was December so we had soup and it was pretty awesome. I also had a turkey sandwich and it really hit the spot.

The first time I actually went to The Globe Market was Memorial Day 2011. The location on Elmwood is great, and the building is cute. Outdoors there are a handful of tables and chairs and a cute small garden.

I ordered the spinach salad - spinach, orange pieces, bleu cheese crumbles, red onion slices and carmalized walnuts. It was $7.75 and it was absolutely delicious and refreshing on the hot Buffalo day.

The other two guests in my party (Geoffrey and Jacob) ordered the Cuban Reuben and Grilled Cheese (off the kids menu). Geoffrey raves about the Cuban Reuben saying it is one of his favorite sandwiches, and Jacob gave the grilled cheese his seal of approval (and he loved the colored chips that came with it!!)

There's really no downside to this spot. It's the perfect quick lunch spot, the price is right, and it's delicious :)

If you are shopping or walking on Elmwood and want to grab something quick to eat, it should be your first stop!

And, when the winter rolls around, make sure you stop in and grab their soups. They are (in my opinion) the best in Buffalo!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Toro Tapas Bar on Elmwood

My friend Sara and I tried out Toro Tapas Bar last week after Sara said, she "didn't care where we ate, but it had to be on Elmwood!" I decided to pick a place I've never been and it was the first place that came out of my boyfriend's mouth when I said Elmwood.

You can make reservations online, which is pretty kick ass in my mind, although at 5pm, I didn't really need one, but it was still fun to say "reservation for Krystal!"

Anyway, the way Toro Tapas Bar works is...all meals are designed to be shared so they suggest a few different dishes for the table (number would depend on how many people are in your party).

Sara and I decided to get the breads, spreads and olives as our "share" dish and then decided to each get our own dish (although we snuck a few tastes of the other in!) I ordered a glass of Riesling (which was yum!) and Sara had a Cabernet.

The spreads with our "share" dish were amazing!! One was a goat cheese spread and it was to die for. The other one was yummy too!

For my dish I ordered the tangerine pulled pork (I have this thing where if I see pulled pork on a menu, 9 times out of 10 that is my choice - especially if it is somewhere I've never been).

The other thing about Toro is that they bring the food out when it is ready, not when all dishes in the party are ready. I don't know if I love that, or like it - but I think it's kinda cool, although can be weird if your food is out and your friend is still waiting for theirs!

The pulled pork dish was awesome - and I loved the presentation. There was a piece of cornbread (which was yum) and then all the pulled pork, and a piece of cornbread to top it off. Then there was a little bit of pico de gallo and sour cream....The combination together was delicious and I would defintiely recommend this if you are a pulled pork fan!!

Sara ordered the chicken skewers and tuna dish (don't remember the official term for it) and she enjoyed that.

The atmosphere inside is fun and the decor is very modern and upscale. They have huge windows in the front of the place that open up on a nice day and would be a perfect hangout for some drinks on a Friday night after work!

We didn't get it, BUT - they make a pretty awesome sangria there and it comes out in pitchers to share (or throw a straw in, which would be my case!).

The prices were a little higher than other places on Elmwood, but if you are sharing dishes, it's really not all that bad. I did think the wine and drinks were a little pricer than I'm used to. (My glass of wine was $8.00)

Overall, the place is fun, the food is good, and it's a definite "try" if you are running out of places to go to on Elmwood.

Next time you want a fun night out, check it out!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Glen Falls in Williamsville

Glen Falls, and Glen Park a gorgeous park with a miniature version of the Falls, is an absolutely great spot to spend a Saturday afternoon or an evening after work.

Located in the heart of Williamsville off of Main Street, it is a gorgeous place to walk through after a dinner on Main Street.

The Falls are a 27 foot cascade with a few other free falling spots along the way. It is part of Ellicott Creek. Surrounded by the Falls is Glen Park, a beautiful spot filled with pathways, trees, flowers and plenty of places to have a picnic.

It's a fun, romantic spot for couples - and is a great spot to bring the family to play on a summer day.

Fast fact about Williamsville: Did you know that one of the early settlers Jonas Williams owned two mills near Ellicott Creek. "Williams Mills" eventually turned into Williamsville and became the name of the village.

If you are looking for a great place to walk, jog, or just relax, check out Glen Falls.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blue Monk on Elmwood

My boyfriend Geoffrey and I hit up Blue Monk for the first time a few weeks back. A handful of friends checked it out, so we thought it would be a fun place to try out. I'm so glad we did!

We went on weeknight and it was not busy when we got there (I had called ahead and tried to make a reservation but they don't take them and said we shouldn't have a problem getting a table - we didn't). The restaurant is small, but cute with a lot of fun decorative touches (like halves of doors around the walls). We sat down and our waiter (who was rockin' a vest, seriously!) brought us the beer menu and let us sit with that for a while. There's a few pages worth of beers. I settled on an Ommegang beer (yum!) and Geoffrey had a Belgain beer...they were both good!

They had a big black board with specials and Geoffrey and I decided to each get one of the specials - he got a steak (which was big) with fries and asparagus and I had this chicken dish with creamy polenta and spinach in a cherry balsamic glaze. We also both ordered soup and both got French Onion soup.

After one bite of each of ours we agreed it was the best meal we had out all year. The polenta blew me away, it was amazing, and the chicken was so moist and juicy. The spinach was great too!!! I could have taken home a big bowl of that polenta though, it was fantastic!!!

The crowd was mixed - no specific age group. When we were there, there was a mother/daughter, a few other couples, a group of younger guys, and a few older men enjoying happy hour.

The prices were reasonable (and to be honest, I probably would have paid more for my dinner!), the staff was good and the service was fairly fast, although I wish we got our dinners a little quicker.

This is a newer place on Elmwood and it is the place to go if you like trying new beers...but really, it was one of my favorite food experiences of the year, so if you go, go for dinner!!!

Compliments to the Chefs!!!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Milo's in Williamsville

On Thursday May 5th I went out to dinner with my Dad, step-mom and boyfriend Geoffrey. We tried a new restaurant that has been open less than two weeks called Milos (pronounced: Meeelos, not Mylos).

Milos is a Greek restaurant and is named after an Island in Greece called Milos. Our waiter told us that a few times!

The first thing I noticed was how gorgeous the place looked. I loved the updated decor and color scheme. The black tables and chairs are sharp and the new windows are great. The only part of the room asthetically that did not work was the floor (and honestly, I didn't even notice it, Geoffrey did!)

Our waiter, Jim, who was quite the interesting character promptly greeted us upon our arrival (my Dad and step-mom were already sitting down at the table).

We ordered a bottle of Moscato which the waiter told us, and I quote, "blew...his mind". It was good, but tasted more like a sparkling champagne. (I'll get the exact name from it and add it to this post later.)

My Dad and I ordered the only "real" special the sweet & sour salmon, and it was delicious. I loved the sauce on it, and it came with delicious mashed potatoes and a mixed veggie combo in a marinara type sauce that I didn't really care for (neither did my dad).

I can't speak for the other two people's meals other than Geoff telling me his beef was VERY VERY well done.

The prices were really great though, the salmon dish was only $13.99 and it also came with a salad or soup (I had Caesar salad and it was yum! The rest of the table had this sausage gumbo soup and they all enjoyed it)

We didn't get dessert, but honestly I think all four of us were done with our waiter and his banter. Overall, the meal and company were pretty good!

Some other restaurant tidbits:
- My favorite part is that the restaurant looks more "upscale" and you can still get breakfast anytime of the day!
- The owner, Ray, and his family own two other restaurants in the Buffalo area: Swiston's in the City of Tonawanda and Family Tree Restaurant in Amherst.

If you are looking to try something new, definitely give it a try.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Hoyt Lake, Delaware Park

Hoyt Lake, a gorgeous area in Delaware Park and a part of the city's park system is a MUST DO in Buffalo. The park was created by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead in the 19th century and continues to be my TOP pick for a relaxing afternoon in the city.

Hoyt Lake is my favorite summertime spot to unwind with a good book or have a picnic with friends. Last month I spent a few hours down there on one of the unseasonably warm days in Buffalo. It was an absolute delight. Many people use it as a place to jog, a place to walk the dog, and a place to just sit and relax. I love going down there when I need to clear my head and when something is bothering me. It is a really good place to destress!

With the Albright Knox Art Museum across the street and The Delaware Park Rose Gardens right next to it, the sights surrounding it are beautiful.

I've had some fun, random conversations with other Buffalonians in the park, and everyone is friendly and says hello.

If you are looking for an afternoon in the sunshine, this is the place to be. It really isn't just a place to visit in the summer though. It is gorgeous all four seasons!

This year's State budget includes $100,000 to purchase new equipment to pump oxygen into the lake to keep it going and more beautiful.

It is truly a gem in the city.

Here's a few shots from the Lake when I was there back in April 2011.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Obsession.

So this blog is being launched for one simple reason, I love Buffalo.

I don't just love it, I LOVE it, it's an obsession of mine. It can be negative ten degrees with a foot of snow or 75 and sunny and you will hear me say this is where I love calling "home" (although, I'll admit, I prefer the latter!)

Quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of people telling me there is nothing to do here, or they hate Buffalo. The City Of Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs, have some of the best food, music, culture, theatre, entertainment and architecture any city can offer.

So I'm here to make converters out of the non-BILLievers, and more importantly, inspire myself to continue to try new places and get out and enjoy this area as much as I can.

I'll be dedicating my writing to the City of Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs. I'll explore all they have to offer whether it be a restaurant, venue, park, or a view that is great. Heck it could be a bench on a corner of a street where I had fun or a person who has inspired me along the way. Whether it's family oriented, great for couples, a fun night out with friends, or something to do alone, I have a bunch of ideas without having to really think!

So...away we go...in Buffalo!