Monday, October 22, 2012

Rolly Pollies of WNY

In a time when the national obesity epidemic is talked about on a daily basis, it is important to get kids active at an early age. Rolly Pollies of WNY aims to start kids as young as six months to instill a healthy and active lifestyle. 

The infant program is just one of many programs offered at Rolly Pollies, but was one that I could tell owner Jim Fleckenstein loved to talk about. The program aims to help infants build their gross motor skills and strengthen their core for balance as they begin to explore walking. The group classes that include Mommy and/or Daddy often open parents eyes to what their young ones can do.  

All classes (offered at various age levels) are non-competitive and usually run in 9 week sessions with a specific curriculum. Class size is kept fairly small, working with a 6:1 ratio of students to instructors. Most classes max out around 20 participants to allow staff the chance to work with each student. 

In addition to all the gym classes offered for ages 6 months - 12 years, Rolly Pollies offers music and creative arts programs. During school breaks they offer short sessions to keep the kids moving, and offer other specialty classes & workshops throughout the year. They also have open gym hours where parents can bring their kids to play with any of the equipment in the gym ($10 - $15 per hour depending on age, $5 for each additional hour). 

One other great option for parents are their birthday parties.  Instead of trying to find a few hours worth of activities to keep a group of young ones occupied, Rolly Pollies offers the open gym and staff to help them with the equipment. 

They truly offer programs for all levels and work hard to not only give kids the time to exercise, but teach them about muscle groups, nutrition, and learning how to make healthy choices. Each class ends with a homework assignment where students are asked to keep track of healthy choices they made and then share them with their friends next week. 

I visited the East Amherst facility on Transit Road (they also have another location in Orchard Park) and was impressed by the colorful gym filled with so many wonderful pieces of equipment. Kids have the chance to work on the balance beam, trampoline, zip line and more. Rolly Pollies isn't your traditional gymnastics program, they offer so much more for students and parents. 

"Rolly Pollies has really become a tight knit community." Jim told me. "Families quickly become friends outside of the gym. Getting to watch kids come in when they were infants and still be with our program now makes them a part of our extended family." 

For owners Jim & Danielle Fleckenstein, owning a business in Buffalo was an easy choice, it was home. After living around the country, they both wanted to move back to Buffalo to be around family and to start a family of their own. There were no other gyms offering the services they could provide in Western New York, so they moved back and have continued to grow for the past seven years!

You can find out about all the programs they offer on their website and stay in touch with them on their Facebook and Twitter pages. 

If you have children and want to get them on the right path to an active and healthy lifestyle, a call or visit to Rolly Pollies should be on the top of your list! Now, especially as the winter months tend to leave us indoors more, Rolly Pollies can open a whole new world for the young ones in your lives. 

Pictures from around the gyms

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Restaurant Week Recap #3: Mothers in Buffalo

My younger brother Richard just got engaged. Well, he got engaged about a month ago, but Thursday night was the first chance my boyfriend and I had to take them out to celebrate their engagement. I let them choose where they wanted to try (since they are as adventurous as we are), and they chose Mothers on Virginia Place in the city. 
I'd only ever been to Mothers once before, and that night we walked in and quickly walked out. We were looking for something cheaper and quick, and Mothers wasn't it. While many of the menu items looked amazing, we weren't in the mood to spend a lot of money and a Sabres game would be starting in about 30 minutes and we didn't have good sight lines for their television. 

I was excited to get back though, because I loved the atmosphere and have heard great things about the restaurant. We had a reservation for 6, and when we arrived  I was so glad I made reservations. The bar and tables were packed and it didn't let up the entire time we were there. 

Mothers has a very cozy feel to it. The dim lighting, gorgeous covered tables lit with candlelight and stone/brick interior make it a very romantic spot as well. The night we chose appeared to be girls night out, as we were only one of three tables that had couples at it. The bar was hopping with well dressed men and women enjoying happy hour. 

Their restaurant week special included a glass of wine (we all selected the Riesling and it was crisp and delicious), either the house salad or soup, and an entree. 

My brother, his fiance Jenny and my boyfriend all ordered the exact same meal, even down to the dressing on their salads. They had the generous 12 oz. sirloin steak which came served with mashed potatoes and snow peas.  I felt I had to be different so I went with the tenderloin tournedos, and learned a new word! If you aren't down with your beef lingo, a tournedo is the center most portion of tenderloin and is sometimes referred to as filet mignon in the US.  My dish was served with asparagus and roasted red potatoes and the meat was sitting in a delicious sauce with mushrooms. 

To put it quite simply, the meal was perfect. There wasn't a single aspect of the dinner that I can gripe about. The salad and soup (I chose the Mushroom Asparagus) were the perfect start to the meal. The meat was cooked perfect; tender, medium just the way I like it and seasoned well. The sauce it was in was outstanding and really complemented the meat. The potatoes and asparagus were great additions to the beef as well. I had a taste of the sirloin steak and it too was "melt in your mouth" good and I could have eaten all my boyfriend's mashed potatoes (and I'm not a big fan of mashed potatoes).

We had a great meal and all left the restaurant very satisfied and full. I don't get to spend a lot of time with my brother (like me, Richard is always on the go), so it made the night that much more special to share it with him.  

Mothers is the perfect "special occasion" spot, and a great option for happy hour in the city. It is tucked away on Virginia Place and parking can be limited, as there is only street parking available. If you are planning on checking it out, I would consider reservations. Even though it was Restaurant Week, they are often busy. 

My only gripe about Mothers is that they don't have a website, or really much of a social media presence. They do have a Facebook page with over 1,000 followers, but it doesn't look like they utilize it that often. That being said, Mothers wasn't hurting for business. They are also a popular hangout for local politicians, especially during campaign season. 

If you are looking for a great atmosphere and a delicious meal, Mothers is worth the price and a must try!

Sirloin steak (left) and the tenderloin tournedo

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Restaurant Week Recap #2: Adam's Rib

Sometimes being Lovin' On Buffalo can put me in a tough spot. I consider it my job to boost Buffalo and local business as much as I can, but what happens when I go somewhere and honestly don't love it? That's what happened Wednesday night when my boyfriend and I went to Adam's Rib for a late dinner. Adam's Rib is within walking distance from my boyfriend's house. The restaurant has been a staple on Main Street for over 40 years. We always drive past it and wonder what it's like on the inside, so we took Restaurant Week as the perfect opportunity to finally go for dinner.

We didn't arrive for dinner until close to 8:30pm, but there were about 8 tables of patrons enjoying their meals still. My first impression of Adam's Rib was that it feels "old". With a lot of wood paneling and wallpaper coming off the walls, the atmosphere is quite different than the other restaurants within a three block radius (Siena, Brodo and Tabree).

We were promptly seated and looked over the menu. With the special you received a glass of wine. I ordered the white they had on the list, but they were all out of the whites (major bummer), so I had to settle for a glass of red. We each ordered a salad to get going and for our dinner entrees I ordered the prime rib (a menu item they are famous for), and my boyfriend went with the Tenderloin Tips Alfredo (tenderloin tips sauteed with baby spinach and mushrooms, tossed with penne pasta and their famous Alfredo sauce). 
With our salads came bread AND corn bread, and I quickly devoured the corn bread. It was absolutely delicious! Our meals came out pretty fast and we dug right in. Since my boyfriend cooks pasta dishes for a part-time living at a restaurant on the weekends, he was disappointed with his meal. The pasta was overcooked and the Alfredo sauce was not a true Alfredo sauce (I'm not a huge Alfredo fan so I'm taking his word here!). I ordered my prime rib medium, and it came out that way, but was a little bit tough. The side sweet potato was good and their walnut butter sauce was a very tasty topping. 

When a friend mentioned we should finally check out Adam's Rib, they did note we would bring the mean age down, and they were right. Aside from a twenty something who was there with his grandparents, we were the only couple under the age of 45 in the restaurant.

While I can't say I'll be going back for another meal, I did speak with the waitress who said that Adam's Rib is for sale and all the staff is crossing their fingers that whoever purchases it will keep them on and keep the restaurant. No word yet on if they will change the style of the restaurant or the menu. 

Restaurant Week is the chance to get out and explore those place you've seen for years but never patronized. I came to the realization that you can't hit it out of the ballpark every time, and this year we have already found so many outstanding restaurants.  I will say this, even though we didn't love the meal, Local Restaurant Week made it possible and solved a long running mystery.When we paid our bill, I was still happy to turn over the money and know I was supporting a local business. So, get out and explore Buffalo!!

Tenderloin tips Alfredo & Prime Rib with a sweet potato

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Restaurant Week Recap #1: Soho Burger Bar

It's finally back! WNY Restaurant Week is one of my favorite weeks of the year in Buffalo. The week brings together close to 200 local restaurants offering lunch/dinner specials for $20.12. It is marketing at its best, and how I found out about some of my favorite hangouts and restaurants in the area. 

I started my week of eating out at Soho Burger Bar on Chippewa. If I'm being completely honest, I was never a very big fan of Soho Bar. My late night fun on Chippewa very rarely brought me here, and I never had a great vibe from the place. I went there on Monday, a little hesitant about what dinner would be like, but was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. 

I haven't been inside the bar in a couple years, and I really enjoyed the updated trendy decor. From the unique tables to the fun lighting and hip bar, there were a lot of unique touches that made my night. My favorite touch was the napkin holders: automotive hose clamps! All the unique touches were great conversation starters!

The restaurant week special here is absolutely outstanding. In all the years I've done restaurant week, this one was the biggest "bang for my buck". For $20.12 you received two signature burgers (typically ranging from $11-$15 each), one side (usually $4-$7), 2 drinks (either wine, well drinks or beer), and two desserts (ice cream cone in one of four flavors). 

The burgers all sounded delicious but my boyfriend and I settled on the Steak House Burger (topped with mushrooms, caramelized onions, mixed greens and a horseradish cream sauce) and the Red Hot Chili Burger (topped with aged cheddar, roasted tomato and jalapeno compote). For our side we chose the Truffle Tater Tots (seasoned with truffle oil, parmesan cheese and parsley). We brought along the little guy Jacob, and while they don't have a kids menu online they do offer some options for kids; mini burgers, mini hot dogs, grilled cheese and chicken bites. Jacob ordered the mini burgers, ($5.50) which came topped with American cheese and a side of fries and a pickle!

The house white wine was good, a little on the drier side but a nice start to the meal. The music playing in the background was heavy on Dave Matthews (one of my favorite singers) and I was smiling from ear to ear. 

Since we arrived early, right around 5pm, there were not many customers in the restaurant yet, so our meals came out quickly. 

The presentation and plating of the meal was very fun, with a small basket for the chips and a huge deli style pickle on the side (see photo below). One bite into our burgers and we knew we found a new spot to grab dinner before (hopefully soon) Sabres games! My burger was extremely juicy, cooked perfectly and the toppings were perfectly seasoned and cooked. The homemade chips were tasty and crisp and better than anything Lays could put out.

The tater tots were a unique and updated take on the classic tater tots I've had before. They were seasoned perfectly and didn't feel greasy or "fake" like many tater tots do. 

During our meal, we explained to Jacob what Restaurant Week was all about, and he asked where we were going next!! While his meal wasn't a part of the Restaurant Week specials, he was pretty excited we got such a great deal! Kudos to the entire Restaurant Week group for giving Buffalo another wonderful week to explore the local flavors of WNY! 

If you haven't set a reservation up yet, Soho Burger Bar is a great spot for date night and a fun night out with friends. If you can't get there during this week, they offer great Monday Night Football specials, and Wednesdays are half price wine night (by the GLASS and the bottle!). 

Steak House burger with homemade chips and a gigantic pickle!

Truffle tater tots

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Buffalo, Shake It With Zumba!

A little over four years ago, I saw an infomercial for Zumba Fitness. As someone who had been teaching aerobics for a few years, I was looking for new class formats to try out. From the moment the infomercial started, I knew that Zumba would be my next adventure. I hopped on the Zumba website and decided to become licensed to teach it. 

A few weeks later I drove up to Rochester, NY and became a licensed Zumba Instructor. Within the first hour of the training, I was hooked. I spent the next few weeks immersing myself in Latin music before starting up the classes at Best Fitness in Tonawanda. I couldn't believe the feedback! At the time, Zumba was fairly unknown in the area, but after a few classes, the room was packed, and the numbers kept increasing. 

That fall I also began teaching Zumba for Bodyshaping By Sandy. Students fell in love with the classes, and above that were losing weight and gaining self esteem. Zumba changed my life too. It helped me lose weight, and teaching the classes helped me through some tough times in my life. It became a second family to me. It became that ME time, and an hour a night to just let anything bothering me fade away. 

I continued to regularly teach Zumba classes until this fall semester. I decided I needed to take a little time off to give my body a break and focus on a few other things. I am terribly missing it, so I decided I'd check out some other local instructor classes and learn some new moves of my own! 

Buffalo is full of so many wonderful Zumba instructors, and each has their own unique style, giving Buffalonians so many great options to choose from. I decided to highlight five local instructors, either offering classes on their own, or working out of local gyms/fitness companies, who each share the same passion for Zumba that I do. 

Julie and I have been friends for a while. We met while teaching for Bodyshaping By Sandy. Julie got involved in Zumba on a whim. The owner of Bodyshaping asked instructors to check it out, and Julie decided to, never thinking she would actually teach. Julie didn't feel confident in her dancing and was never comfortable dancing in front of others. Zumba changed that for her. 

"The best part is helping others. I really enjoy helping people reach their fitness goals and love getting them to realize that exercise can be fun." Julie told me. "One student has already lost 30 lbs. and keeps coming back for more. Another student has gained so much self confidence."

Julie brings so much fun to her Zumba classes. She has a great sense of humor that gets her students laughing and forgetting they are working out. She offers great "pep talks" during class that stick with her students long after their class is over. 

Julie incorporates so many easy, fun and catchy routines in, and always choreographs special songs during holidays and special occasions. She keeps that heart rate pumping high throughout her class and has more energy than anyone I know. 

In addition to a fitness routine, Julie tells her students to eat as naturally as possible. "Try not to put anything artificial in your body."

Julie teaches classes in West Seneca for Bodyshaping By Sandy & Curves. She also offers her own classes at St. John's Church in West Seneca and teaches at Villa Maria College for students and staff. Her classes typically run about $5 each, or classes can be purchased in semesters. 

Like me, Mary's first time taking a Zumba class was when she took the Zumba training to become licensed to teach. Mary was one of the original instructors who brought Zumba to The Buffalo Athletic Club. I met Mary when I purchased a three month summer membership to the BAC a few years ago. Mary's class was the first Zumba class I ever attended, outside of teaching my own classes. Teaching Zumba has always been my passion, but that day, I never had so much fun taking a class. 

Mary's personality is electric. She radiates happiness and joy, and you can't possibly have a bad time when you are in her class. She found a way to engage all her students from the front to the back of the room. "The best part of Zumba for me is the people. Not just the .
front row divas but that shy person in the back who finally gets that one step & breaks out in  the biggest smile in the world. It's my job to make everyone feel good and get a great workout."

"There are so many success stories!" Mary told me. "I never realized until I started teaching just how much impact one word or a smile can have."  

Mary's tip to those looking to get in shape out there: "Just move!" Whether it's playing with your kids, taking a walk or joining a fitness class, just keep moving! 

Mary teaches at a handful of the different BAC locations throughout the area. You can check out her schedule on their website. Non-members can also check out the classes! Drop Mary and e-mail today and she will get you into a class for free! 

After giving birth to her second child, Dawn Hammer was suffering from post-partum depression. As she sought therapy to help her out, part of the plan was to join fitness classes. In the past she would sign up for classes but never really attend. A fellow fitness instructor inspired her to join in classes, and eventually to teach. When Dawn heard the Latin beats of Zumba, she was instantly hooked. Soon after, she contacted a local fitness company and attended a Zumba training. Instantly, Dawn felt better about herself, was noticing physical differences in her body and turned around a very hopeless mind frame. 

Dawn offers classes Monday - Thursday evenings at The Park School in Snyder. Classes typically run around $5 per class, but you can buy different packages that reduce that cost even more! I had the chance to check out one of Dawn's classes this summer, on a very hot Buffalo summer night. The gym used for these classes is a good size and there were around 20 people in the class the night I went. There was plenty of room to move around. 

Dawn uses a lot of hip hop influence in her songs and the routines are fun and easy to follow. She throws in a few combinations that challenge those that aren't beginners, but after a few times through, everyone in the class had the steps down. Dawn uses different formations throughout class and brings in one of my favorites, "the battle" to break up the class and get everyone shaking! 

"People often tell me they don't have time to workout. While there are a lot of excuses, think of what you are getting in return: More energy during the day, rest better at night, and stay healthy to take care of family." 

Dawn's students have surely reaped the benefits. Students have increased bone density, were able to get off blood pressure medications and helped put their diabetes at bay, in addition to losing weight!

You can't help but feel inspired after an hour in her class. 

For the past 22 years, Olivia has been teaching a variety of different fitness programs to different populations. Her favorite have always been the dance based ones. "Dance is a powerful expression, and the joy of dance has always compelled me to find a way to make dance accessible to the masses."

With the simplicity of Zumba, the powerful Latin music, and the ability to let the music "call us" to dance, Olivia knew she had found her niche. "Dancing is the most fun you can have standing up!" She told me, and I tend to agree!

I had the chance to check out Olivia's class at Canalside this past summer. Canalside offered FREE classes during the week and Tuesday evenings were Zumba. A few of my friends and I checked out the class, and as far as class locations go, there has been no better spot than Canalside. On a beautiful summer night in Buffalo you get to see the sun set over the water! Olivia leads the classes along with two other instructors from Catalyst Fitness

While all three ladies who led the class were great, I really enjoyed the songs that Olivia did. Her facial expressions, movements and the wonderful passion you could see from her, made me wish I was taking a full hour of just her classes. You can catch her in action at Catalyst Fitness during the week. 

Both the newbies and the regulars make the class for Olivia, who said, "Seeing newbies after their first class knowing they are hooked and watching the regulars keep coming back and making a commitment to fitness that they never could before is the best part of Zumba for me."

When I asked Olivia about success stories, she answered a little differently than the others. "Zumba at the Waterfront has been a success story for Buffalo! It has been a part of the revitalization project at Canalside and our numbers were better than we could have hoped for. People had no idea where the waterfront was, where to park and if it was safe, but as they started to come out of the woodwork, they not only experienced Zumba, but the beautiful waterfront Buffalo has to offer! Now, a new crowd of people have experienced the revitalization taking place in this area!"

What more could you ask for, Buffalo?

For Jill, Zumba was the answered prayer she never expected! After leaving her full-time job in Employee Relations at UB, Jill became a stay at home Mom. She was teaching a few Pilates classes at the time but was hoping she would figure out a career path as time went on.  

After a fellow fitness instructor friend had to step back from teaching Zumba, Jill was asked to take over. She quickly learned the routines and took the training class and immediately was hooked. She couldn't believe she could earn a living dancing and sharing it with others. 

"I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit that getting paid to do the one thing that I absolutely love is an absolute dream come true!" Jill told me. "But, it's not just that, it's the fact that I'm dancing with amazing people, my "Zumba babes" as I call them." Zumba is all about diversity in music and rhythms and Jill sees that diversity in her students every week. They come from different backgrounds, are different ages, but share one common passion for dancing and getting in shape! 

When I attended a special summer class Jill organized, I wished I lived closer so I could join her classes regularly. She combines great music, fun choreography and a lot of energy into an hour class that flies by. Out of all the classes I attended this summer, that was the one that felt most like a "family." You could tell all these ladies felt welcome, and over time have developed great friendships, in large part because of Jill. 

Jill's classes run through West Seneca Community Education and Lancaster Community Education and are offered in ten week sessions. While she doesn't offer a "walk in" option, you can contact her and get a guest pass at certain locations. 

Jill's fitness tip to everyone is to find a program that you love, because the most effective program is one that you will stick with! 

For thousands of Buffalonians, they have found that fitness program to be Zumba. If you haven't checked it out yet, please consider getting in touch with one of these amazing Buffalo women who all have an incredible passion for Zumba and helping people in Buffalo reach their fitness goals. 

Happy shaking!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Krystal's Buffalo Summer Finds

With the change in weather this weekend, I guess I have to come to terms with the fact that summer in Buffalo is over. This past summer I explored Buffalo like never before. I had the opportunity to take a good look at the gorgeous architecture in the area, and learn about its history. Living in this area all my life, I've always known the basics, but taking the time to really get to know specific buildings and neighborhoods was an extremely fun way to spend the summer. 

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite outing of the summer was. If I really had to choose just ONE it would be number five on this list, but there were a handful of great NEW finds for me this summer. 

Here are my top five favorite things from the summer in Buffalo (in no particular order):

1.) Buffalo Bites Food Tour - With the tagline of "Eat. Explore. Experience Buffalo.", the food tour was the number one thing on my summer to-do list. I took one of the tours in July along with nine other people (four from out of town). We started the tour at The Globe Market and then went to an additional five stops over the course of two hours. Owner and tour guide, Laura Reed gave us a little history lesson on each of the food stops we made along the way. Many of the stops were places I'd already been to, but I learned something new everywhere we went. We sampled traditional Buffalo food (the chicken wing and sponge candy) and were offered other desserts, snacks and drinks along the way. The food  portions were generous and everything we tried was absolutely delicious. By the end of the tour, I was very full and satisfied! We broke up our sampling by walking around historic Elmwood learning about architecture and influential people during the time. The tour offered something for everyone. We were fortunate that it was a gorgeous summer day as we walked around and explored. The tour costs $42, and was definitely worth it. The season of tours has wrapped up, but Buffalo Bites will be back in 2013! If you have guests in from out of town, or are looking for a fun date, outing with the girls or gift, check out Buffalo Bites!

Sponge candy ice cream from Watson's and chicken wings from Cole's

2.) Free fitness classes at Canalside - This summer I had the opportunity to check out some of the free fitness classes offered by Canalside. Fitness enthusiasts had the chance to choose from Pilates, Yoga and Zumba classes held Monday - Wednesday evenings. I was only able to get down for a few, but the classes were an absolute blast. The ones I attended each had a great turnout and people were energetic and lively. The instructors were fun and provided a great workout, without it ever feeling like you were working out. The sun set towards the end of the classes and it was the perfect spot to be!  If you belong to a gym or take group fitness classes, this is the perfect alternative one summer night to being cooped up inside. 

Instructors from Catalyst Fitness lead a Zumba class

3.) Social Media Club Buffalo - As someone who works in social media, I wasn't even aware Buffalo had a social media club until I joined Twitter towards the end of last year! At the end of June, the club hosted "Social Media Day" inside The Statler Lobby Bar. It was a 'happy hour' type of event with food, drink and a chance to network with other local professionals. The event was a great time and I am looking forward to participating in more events with the club. They typically host monthly meetings and offer other activities throughout the year. If you work in social media in Buffalo, it's really a must join club. Buffalo is filled with professional development opportunities for whatever field you work in, you just need to do a little research!

4.) Open Air Buffalo Tours - In July, I took one of the Whirlwind Tours done by Tim Thielman from Open Air Buffalo Tours. The two hour tour was a fascinating look at different architectural hot spots in Buffalo, filled with so many great tidbits of information I didn't know about the area. The stories, the history and the plans for the future make it a must do if you are a Buffalover. If you aren't, odds are you will be after you take the tour. The tours typically run around $20, and they offer a handful of different ones throughout the summer months. 

City Hall and The Guaranty Building in Buffalo

5.) The H.H. Richardson Complex - I've always been fascinated with the Complex, but in August I had the opportunity to take an in-depth tour of the facilities and I've fallen completely in love with the property and its history since. The complex, put simply, is a masterpiece. It's a reminder that Buffalo was and can be again an extremely prosperous city where builders want to build. I had the opportunity to volunteer at Museums by Moonlight in September, and spent the evening talking about the building, and seeing people's faces light up when they walked in it for the first time. The Complex will be offering more tours next year, and this winter will begin training docents (myself included!). The Complex is currently being rehabilitated and restored. By 2015 it will become a boutique hotel and the Buffalo architecture center. The progress they have made so far is outstanding. Outside the building they are creating a new public park, which should be open in 2013. It is truly a testament to the strong group of preservationists in the area. 

Fall in Buffalo and the surrounding area is beautiful too, and as I finish up this post, I'm getting ready to go pumpkin picking and check out the leaves in the area. I can't say I'm quite ready for winter yet, but I'm looking forward to posting my Fall Finds later this year!

Stay tuned!