Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Buffalo Food Trucks: Pizza Amore, The Wood Fire Way

Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you are sitting around your backyard with friends and family enjoying a great Buffalo night! That’s where the idea for Buffalo’s newest food truck, Pizza Amore, came from. Owner David Perri built a brick oven in his backyard because he wanted to do something different for his daughter’s graduation party. It was an obvious hit (we love our pizza in Buffalo), and they started having more parties throughout the summer. One weekend they went to a get together at a friends home, and someone commented, “Why don’t you go home and put that oven on wheels and bring it here!” As David told me, “It was all downhill from there!”

Pizza Amore is a family run food truck business. Dave and his wife have four children, and they are all involved in the food truck operation. Other family, and friends of his older children have jumped on board to get things off the ground as well.

Pizza Amore, was almost “King David’s Pizza”, but a friend suggested Pizza Amore, David added “The Wood Fire Way” and the name has stuck!

The pizza food truck offers a variety of different personal sized pizzas. They offer the typical cheese and pepperoni pizza (owner David’s favorite) for $5.50, and various specialty pizzas for $6.50. The cost also includes a can of pop or bottle of water, and tax is also included. When I made my first stop at the truck parked outside of The First Niagara Center on May 2nd, they had a list of specialty pizzas including buffalo chicken, margarita, white, and veggie, to name a few. To be honest, I wanted to buy two different ones, but settled on getting the veggie one!

There were only a few people ahead of me when I arrived, but the team working was set up like a well oiled machine and they were cranking out pizzas. All the staff was friendly, and I got my pizza quickly. I think it was the longest car ride back to my office smelling the pizza with an empty stomach! The toppings included broccoli, mushrooms and yellow and orange peppers. I appreciated the selection of the toppings. The pizza itself is among some of the best wood oven pizza I have tasted locally (and that’s a tall order for me. I absolutely love the pizzas at Siena on Main Street in Williamsville). The dough was airy and light, the sauce and the toppings had great flavor, and I really enjoyed it. The pizza filled me up, and for $6.50 I thought it was a great deal!

The Perri family has been busy! Besides getting the food truck going, they have been working on opening a restaurant on Grand Island. They are almost there and are planning on opening by Memorial Day in the Dunkin Donuts plaza on the Island (the restaurant will be located at 2024 Grand Island Boulevard, Grand Island).

While Pizza Amore, is a newbie on the food truck block, they certainly have customer service and quality down! David said the response so far has been fantastic and he is fortunate to be back in Buffalo doing what he loves. After living in various parts of the country, Dave commented that, “There is nothing like Buffalo; the hometown sports, the people and of course the food.”

You can check them out online, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to see where they will be next. I promise it will be worth the trip!


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