Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Review: "Buffalo Gals" by Amy Strychasz

At the beginning of the year, I made one of my “BuffaloResolutions” to read at least five books that were either written by someone from Buffalo or about Buffalo.

The first book I chose to read was, “Buffalo Gals” by Buffalo girl AmyStrychasz.

The book centers around the life of Marshall Sullivan, a young girl who just graduated from college and has little direction on what to do next. She finds a job to hold her over and pay the bills, and as the story unfolds we get to watch Marshall grow up, find love, make new friends and figure out what to do next. The story covers the span of a year, starting when she graduates from college.

The book had an incredibly nice flow to it, and the writing style is easy to follow. I absolutely loved all the Buffalo references. Whether it was because she loved Elmwood, attended a Sabres game, or frequented some of the local bars on Chippewa and beyond, I felt like all the characters in the book were extremely relatable and easy to fall for.

Along the way, Marshall falls in love, and I found myself turning the pages quickly to see what happened next with her relationship. When I had to put the book down (because it was past midnight and I had to get up for work in 5 hours), I found myself thinking about it, and looking forward to getting a chance to read it more.

I finished the book in just a few days, but found myself wanting more as it ended. I felt like I needed more of a resolution in the end, and I didn’t expect it to end the way it did. The author has mentioned on her website the possibility of working on a sequel to the book and I am hopeful she will, because I’d like to see what is next for Marshall Sullivan and the cast of characters we were introduced to in the book.

It’s the perfect summertime read; sitting out on your patio with a glass of wine or at the beach enjoying the sun. If you love reading and are looking for something new to check out this summer, support a Buffalo girl and pick up a copy todayI promise it will be time well spent reading!

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