Monday, May 9, 2011

Milo's in Williamsville

On Thursday May 5th I went out to dinner with my Dad, step-mom and boyfriend Geoffrey. We tried a new restaurant that has been open less than two weeks called Milos (pronounced: Meeelos, not Mylos).

Milos is a Greek restaurant and is named after an Island in Greece called Milos. Our waiter told us that a few times!

The first thing I noticed was how gorgeous the place looked. I loved the updated decor and color scheme. The black tables and chairs are sharp and the new windows are great. The only part of the room asthetically that did not work was the floor (and honestly, I didn't even notice it, Geoffrey did!)

Our waiter, Jim, who was quite the interesting character promptly greeted us upon our arrival (my Dad and step-mom were already sitting down at the table).

We ordered a bottle of Moscato which the waiter told us, and I quote, "blew...his mind". It was good, but tasted more like a sparkling champagne. (I'll get the exact name from it and add it to this post later.)

My Dad and I ordered the only "real" special the sweet & sour salmon, and it was delicious. I loved the sauce on it, and it came with delicious mashed potatoes and a mixed veggie combo in a marinara type sauce that I didn't really care for (neither did my dad).

I can't speak for the other two people's meals other than Geoff telling me his beef was VERY VERY well done.

The prices were really great though, the salmon dish was only $13.99 and it also came with a salad or soup (I had Caesar salad and it was yum! The rest of the table had this sausage gumbo soup and they all enjoyed it)

We didn't get dessert, but honestly I think all four of us were done with our waiter and his banter. Overall, the meal and company were pretty good!

Some other restaurant tidbits:
- My favorite part is that the restaurant looks more "upscale" and you can still get breakfast anytime of the day!
- The owner, Ray, and his family own two other restaurants in the Buffalo area: Swiston's in the City of Tonawanda and Family Tree Restaurant in Amherst.

If you are looking to try something new, definitely give it a try.

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