Friday, May 6, 2011

Hoyt Lake, Delaware Park

Hoyt Lake, a gorgeous area in Delaware Park and a part of the city's park system is a MUST DO in Buffalo. The park was created by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead in the 19th century and continues to be my TOP pick for a relaxing afternoon in the city.

Hoyt Lake is my favorite summertime spot to unwind with a good book or have a picnic with friends. Last month I spent a few hours down there on one of the unseasonably warm days in Buffalo. It was an absolute delight. Many people use it as a place to jog, a place to walk the dog, and a place to just sit and relax. I love going down there when I need to clear my head and when something is bothering me. It is a really good place to destress!

With the Albright Knox Art Museum across the street and The Delaware Park Rose Gardens right next to it, the sights surrounding it are beautiful.

I've had some fun, random conversations with other Buffalonians in the park, and everyone is friendly and says hello.

If you are looking for an afternoon in the sunshine, this is the place to be. It really isn't just a place to visit in the summer though. It is gorgeous all four seasons!

This year's State budget includes $100,000 to purchase new equipment to pump oxygen into the lake to keep it going and more beautiful.

It is truly a gem in the city.

Here's a few shots from the Lake when I was there back in April 2011.

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