Wednesday, November 2, 2011

jojo Bistro & Wine Bar in Williamsville

As part of Restaurant Week in Buffalo in September, my brother's girlfriend Jenny and I went to jojoBistro. Props to Restaurant Week in general - it's typically a three course meal for like $22 bucks, and it's an awesome way to try new places out in Buffalo. The next time it comes around I'll be sure to post about it and give the heads up. If I had the extra cash to spend, I'd go out every night that week (hmmm, maybe I should start saving!)

jojoBistro is located on Sheridan right past the Wegmans. They are right next door to their partner restaurant Black & Blue (I plan on trying that place out soon, so keep an eye out for that blog!)

The decor/design of the restaurant I'd call an upscale modern look (I loved walking in to wine bottles as the door handles - call me a "wine-o" much?) There is a huge wine "cellar" that goes from floor to ceiling with a ladder. The whole theme of the restaurant is based around wine with wine labels, bottles, corks, etc...all over. It is really cozy and comfortable and the wait staff were great. It looks small from the outside, but there are a decent number of tables inside. It still does have an intimiate feel making it a perfect place for date night.

The menu has pizzas, (which are delicious and HUGE - we tried a spicy chicken one, and honestly it wasn't that spicy at all for spicy food lovers!) salads, fancier dishes like duck, red fish and short ribs, and classic chicken and burger dishes. While the menu item I had that evening (a butternut squash ravioli) is not part of the regular menu, it was delicious and very filling. The desserts didn't disappoint either. Overall, the meal was fun, the presentation was modern and clean and I will be making another stop back with the boyfriend or friends.

As for price, the pizzas are $12 (but they are a very good size), and the other entree dishes range from $12 (burger) to $23 (salmon). In my opinion it is worth it.

They have an extensive wine list and the bar area is stocked with various liquors. It is a perfect spot to stop after work for happy hour. Their appetizer list is great and would be a fun way to enjoy a few drinks with friends.

Next time you are looking for a fun night out, or if you love wine, check out jojo Bistro & Wine Bar!

(Jenny and me in the restaurant and outside)

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  1. I going to Williamsville next week and thanks for detailed info! Love to have the red wine! @ LisaRestaurant Wordpress Themes

  2. Always love to sip this red wine. Thanks for the post.