Thursday, May 19, 2011

Toro Tapas Bar on Elmwood

My friend Sara and I tried out Toro Tapas Bar last week after Sara said, she "didn't care where we ate, but it had to be on Elmwood!" I decided to pick a place I've never been and it was the first place that came out of my boyfriend's mouth when I said Elmwood.

You can make reservations online, which is pretty kick ass in my mind, although at 5pm, I didn't really need one, but it was still fun to say "reservation for Krystal!"

Anyway, the way Toro Tapas Bar works is...all meals are designed to be shared so they suggest a few different dishes for the table (number would depend on how many people are in your party).

Sara and I decided to get the breads, spreads and olives as our "share" dish and then decided to each get our own dish (although we snuck a few tastes of the other in!) I ordered a glass of Riesling (which was yum!) and Sara had a Cabernet.

The spreads with our "share" dish were amazing!! One was a goat cheese spread and it was to die for. The other one was yummy too!

For my dish I ordered the tangerine pulled pork (I have this thing where if I see pulled pork on a menu, 9 times out of 10 that is my choice - especially if it is somewhere I've never been).

The other thing about Toro is that they bring the food out when it is ready, not when all dishes in the party are ready. I don't know if I love that, or like it - but I think it's kinda cool, although can be weird if your food is out and your friend is still waiting for theirs!

The pulled pork dish was awesome - and I loved the presentation. There was a piece of cornbread (which was yum) and then all the pulled pork, and a piece of cornbread to top it off. Then there was a little bit of pico de gallo and sour cream....The combination together was delicious and I would defintiely recommend this if you are a pulled pork fan!!

Sara ordered the chicken skewers and tuna dish (don't remember the official term for it) and she enjoyed that.

The atmosphere inside is fun and the decor is very modern and upscale. They have huge windows in the front of the place that open up on a nice day and would be a perfect hangout for some drinks on a Friday night after work!

We didn't get it, BUT - they make a pretty awesome sangria there and it comes out in pitchers to share (or throw a straw in, which would be my case!).

The prices were a little higher than other places on Elmwood, but if you are sharing dishes, it's really not all that bad. I did think the wine and drinks were a little pricer than I'm used to. (My glass of wine was $8.00)

Overall, the place is fun, the food is good, and it's a definite "try" if you are running out of places to go to on Elmwood.

Next time you want a fun night out, check it out!

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