Sunday, June 19, 2011

Greg's U Pick in Clarence Center

On Father's Day, Geoffrey, Jacob and I went out to Greg's U Pick to pick some strawberries (and when I say some, I mean a total of 17 quarts between the three of us!!). They are located at 9270 Lapp Road in Clarence Center, NY and they are open daily from 8am - 5pm.

The farm is easy to find (it's off of Transit Road) and the fields are huge. They have plenty of parking and a few small stands set up in the back with flats and quart baskets to put them in and off you go! You can also bring your own quarts to fill up as well.

We chose to go more towards the front of the farm, and we started off with a lot of smaller strawberries. A dad and son passed us as they finished up and told us there were bigger ones and a lot more further down so we took his advice and headed down there. He was right! We really picked great very red and ripe strawberries.

Strawberry picking is addicting! Once all our quarts were filled we all agreed we didn't want to stop. The fields smelled yummy, and really there's no better taste than a strawberry warmed by the sun!!

Strawberry picking is a perfect family activity. It's active, educational and an inexpensive way to enjoy the sun! The quarts cost $3.75 per quart and if you buy 4 or more they are $3.25 a quart. While it is a little pricier than the grocery stores, you can't really beat getting home grown strawberries at least once a summer!

Strawberry picking season is just about over now, so if you don't get a chance to get out there this year, keep it in mind for next summer. Early to mid June is prime strawberry picking season!

When you go, don't forget to bring a garden kneeler or something to kneel on since the patches are all low on the ground, and put on some sunscreen, there's no shade if it is a sunny day :)

Greg's U Pick Farm also grows blueberries and they will be available to pick in mid July. They will be selling them by the pound, $2.30 per pound, and I think we will go back to pick some of them!

If you want a fun outdoor activity, this is a summertime must in Buffalo :)

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