Saturday, June 4, 2011

Empire Grill on Hertel

Double date nights are fun :) They excite me! I get all giddy girlfriend and can't wait to do the whole double date thing. I was especially excited to hang out with this couple because they just had a baby and I'm sure they enjoyed a night out!

So anyway, it was Geoffrey, Josh, Jen and me, and we went out on Thursday June 2nd. It was the perfect evening to go out; I needed to destress before my biggest fundraising event for my work on Friday and it was a really nice evening out.

Jen picked out the restaurant and we agreed on Empire Grill on Hertel in North Buffalo.

The restaurant is on a corner and we went out to dinner early enough where we got prime parking right in front of the restaurant. The decor is modern and cute, and I really like the layout of the place. They have seating upstairs and downstairs with a nice looking bar downstairs.

I knew it was going to be a good night when "Hanging Tough" by New Kids On The Block came on over the music system. It must have been the 90's mix tape they had playing over the sound system!

Anyway, we all started off with drinks (3 beers and Jen had a glass of Riesling) which was a generous glass of wine, she noted!

For dinner we all chose sandwich type items - I had the Chicken Florentine sandwich with fries. The sandwich was yummy, the bread it was on was really good and the fries were pretty awesome. Everyone else seemed to really enjoy their dinners as well (There was a crab cake sandwich, a burger with bacon, bbq sauce and a fried egg, and a hot pepper sandwich...and no, those aren't the official names but I'll get those in when I have a chance).

Our waitress was friendly and service was decent - although I will say that everyone's food came out and somehow they forgot the "Florentine" in mine so I had to wait an extra few minutes for my dinner to come out.

Overall, it's a good place to eat, and I've heard they have kareoke nights, pub nights and other special events if those type of things are your gig. Check them out online at or you can find them on Facebook.

By the way, random aside, but after dinner we went to see The Hangover 2 and if you liked the first one, go see it. If you haven't seen the first one, get out from the rock you are living under and see it. It's one of my favorites :)

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