Monday, June 13, 2011

Delaware Park: Ring Road, The Lunch Box, War of 1812 Memorial

My favorite thing to do on my lunch break in the summer is to walk down to Delaware Park and do one lap around Ring Road in Delaware Park.

One lap around Ring Road is approximately 1.78 miles and it circles around the golf course and soccer fields. The roads are paved well, it is always clean, and most of the people you come across are really friendly. It's a great, safe and pretty place to walk, jog, ride a bike, walk with your baby, or rollerblade. You even get to catch the sight of some of the animals at The Buffalo Zoo on the lap around (my favorite are the Buffalo!)

The Park surrounding the road is a good place to go and chill out after work or before. Everytime I go there I see people sitting on lawn chairs reading the paper, a book or are listening to their IPod's.

Within walking distance to Ring Road is The Parkside Lodge that houses The Lunchbox, a really yummy lunch spot that serves sandwiches, wraps, salads, and soups throughout the year. They are priced reasonably and it is usually a favorite lunch spot in the summer for people at my work. I highly recommend the following: The Roasted Veggie Wrap ($5.50), BBQ pulled pork (4.95) and Caprese Wrap ($5.50).

They also have a smaller kiosk halfway around Ring Road with a smaller limited menu for the summer. I just noticed today that they are open NOW but only from 2pm - 8pm on weekdays, which is a bummer since I am always there earlier in the day than that.

One fact I recently learned about Delaware Park is that is has a historical tie in to the War of 1812. Located at the center of the Park (where the golf course is now) is a mass grave for 300 American soliders who were killed in the War of 1812. In the center of the golf course there is a rock which marks the area with a plaque. One of these days while I'm on my walk I am planning on getting out to the middle of the course to snap a shot of the rock. What an interesting piece of history for war buffs out there.

If you want to get outdoors this summer to get in your workouts, make the drive to Delaware Park (there's a decent amount of free parking) and do a lap or two around Ring Road. It's a great way to get a workout in, enjoy the Buffalo scenery and change up your normal routine!

I'm usually down there weekdays sometime between 12-130 (depending on when I decide to take my lunch) so if you see me, say hello!

**PLEASE NOTE: Since this blog was published in 2011, The Lunchbox has moved out of The Parkside Lounge and operates out of The Tri Main Building on Main Street.

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