Monday, November 7, 2011

Gabriel's Gate on Allen

So there's Duff's and Anchor Bar and everyone makes a big fuss over them, but THEN there is Gabriel's Gate!!! They get my vote for best chicken wings in Buffalo.

Gabriel's Gate is a mostly bar/tavern fare serving burgers, sandwiches, wings, fingers, etc...and they are the perfect spot to go out to dinner before a Sabres/Bandits game, concert downtown, or a fun spot to hit up after work or late at night! The restaurant itself is a pretty decent size with numerous tables both in the front and back of the restaurant. They have a few big screen TVs which make it a fun place to grab some drinks and watch the game.

Gabriel's Gate is located on Allen Street in downtown Buffalo so parking can be tricky, but you can usually find something on one of the side streets. If you are going before a Sabres game, I'd suggest calling the day before and getting a reservation so you aren't waiting.

I've honestly only had a few menu items besides the chicken wings (I've tried the chicken sandwiches, fish fry and steak sandwich), but anyone I've ever gone with has enjoyed their meals as well. The meals are reasonably priced ranging from meals of $8 (burgers, sandwiches) - $16 (entrees). They have happy hour specials week nights and their alcoholic beverages are moderately priced as well.

A single order of BBQ chicken wings are my usual meal of choice (with a side of fries; super healthy too, ha!)

The only downfall is the service; although more recently when I've been there, the service has been much better. They are typically slow and don't check up on you much, but as I said, lately things have seemed to get better there.

They are open at 11:30am everyday of the week and are open late, midnight Sunday - Thursday and 2am on Friday and Saturday. The address is 145 Allen Street and if you are calling up for a reservation the number is (716) 886-0602.

If you are looking for somewhere to take an out of towner for dinner, Gabriel's Gate should be the #1 choice to go, especially if they mention chicken wings! And if you have been living in Buffalo your whole life and haven't tried it out, what are you waiting for? Step outside your normal "night out" places and check out Gabriel's Gate soon!

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