Thursday, June 6, 2013

REVIEW: 710 Main Theatre: 50 Shades! The Musical

Last night I had the chance to combine two of my favorite things; live theatre and social media! I was one of a handful of people selected to live tweet during 50 Shades! The Musical at 710 Main Theatre (you can check my live feed out from last night by following me on Twitter @lovinonbuffalo).

Typically, being on your phone during a musical is a big no no, but in recent years theatres have been embracing Twitter and social media to engage their audience before, during and after the show! It's actually quite genius, if you ask me. Who doesn't appreciate a personal mention or retweet from the cast/Twitter handle for the show? 

I'm thrilled that organizations like Shea's are beginning to explore these options and thinking more "outside the box" when it comes to promotion and reach! If your company isn't invested in social media on some level, you really need to consider it. Fast. 

The theatre itself holds 625 seats and offers an intimate setting with really no bad seat. The stage is small and front row is up close and personal with the actors. The lobby area has a small bar. The theatre was formerly Studio Arena, but they have been closed since 2008 due to financial problems. 710 Main Theatre opened its doors in fall 2012 and has hosted a number of great shows in its first year. They just announced the lineup for the 2013-2014 season. Check it out HERE.

50 Shades! The Musical is a parody musical based on the book 50 Shades of Grey by E L James. The musical opens with a book club meeting where they decide to read the book. What follows is the book club's journey through the book and all the hilarious and dirty fun that ensues. 

From the moment the show started, to the very last note, I was laughing, sometimes to the point of tears. While I was a little worried I'd be lost since I never read the books, I never felt  that way during the show. The show offers around 10 original musical numbers, some that parody other musicals, and contain amazing one liners. 

Almost as good as the performance was watching the reaction of the audience throughout the show. It was clear I wasn't the only one enjoying it! 

The cast even tailored the performance to the Western New York audience, mentioning Buffalo, Mighty Taco, Medina and more. 

All eight cast members had moments of brilliance, but standouts for me were Jose, played by Nick Semar and Carol played by Jessica Kemock. 

The show is perfect for a girls night out, and by the second song I was wishing my entire group of girlfriends were with me to laugh along. It's a must see for the women of Buffalo, and men will get a kick out of it too. It does offer a very "risque" dialogue that is not suitable for those under 18, but doesn't take anything too far! It's the perfect balance of flirty and naughty. 

Performances run through the weekend and tickets are a reasonable $37.50/$47.50. There are even some discount coupon codes out there if you look hard enough! 

Last night was another reminder for me that we are so lucky to have amazing theatre options in Buffalo. There is so much diversity - small intimate theatres, college campus productions, Shea's mainstage with internationally known productions and everything in between. 

710 Main Theatre should be added to your Buffalo bucket list over the next year. I know I'll be back!

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