Friday, October 19, 2012

Restaurant Week Recap #2: Adam's Rib

Sometimes being Lovin' On Buffalo can put me in a tough spot. I consider it my job to boost Buffalo and local business as much as I can, but what happens when I go somewhere and honestly don't love it? That's what happened Wednesday night when my boyfriend and I went to Adam's Rib for a late dinner. Adam's Rib is within walking distance from my boyfriend's house. The restaurant has been a staple on Main Street for over 40 years. We always drive past it and wonder what it's like on the inside, so we took Restaurant Week as the perfect opportunity to finally go for dinner.

We didn't arrive for dinner until close to 8:30pm, but there were about 8 tables of patrons enjoying their meals still. My first impression of Adam's Rib was that it feels "old". With a lot of wood paneling and wallpaper coming off the walls, the atmosphere is quite different than the other restaurants within a three block radius (Siena, Brodo and Tabree).

We were promptly seated and looked over the menu. With the special you received a glass of wine. I ordered the white they had on the list, but they were all out of the whites (major bummer), so I had to settle for a glass of red. We each ordered a salad to get going and for our dinner entrees I ordered the prime rib (a menu item they are famous for), and my boyfriend went with the Tenderloin Tips Alfredo (tenderloin tips sauteed with baby spinach and mushrooms, tossed with penne pasta and their famous Alfredo sauce). 
With our salads came bread AND corn bread, and I quickly devoured the corn bread. It was absolutely delicious! Our meals came out pretty fast and we dug right in. Since my boyfriend cooks pasta dishes for a part-time living at a restaurant on the weekends, he was disappointed with his meal. The pasta was overcooked and the Alfredo sauce was not a true Alfredo sauce (I'm not a huge Alfredo fan so I'm taking his word here!). I ordered my prime rib medium, and it came out that way, but was a little bit tough. The side sweet potato was good and their walnut butter sauce was a very tasty topping. 

When a friend mentioned we should finally check out Adam's Rib, they did note we would bring the mean age down, and they were right. Aside from a twenty something who was there with his grandparents, we were the only couple under the age of 45 in the restaurant.

While I can't say I'll be going back for another meal, I did speak with the waitress who said that Adam's Rib is for sale and all the staff is crossing their fingers that whoever purchases it will keep them on and keep the restaurant. No word yet on if they will change the style of the restaurant or the menu. 

Restaurant Week is the chance to get out and explore those place you've seen for years but never patronized. I came to the realization that you can't hit it out of the ballpark every time, and this year we have already found so many outstanding restaurants.  I will say this, even though we didn't love the meal, Local Restaurant Week made it possible and solved a long running mystery.When we paid our bill, I was still happy to turn over the money and know I was supporting a local business. So, get out and explore Buffalo!!

Tenderloin tips Alfredo & Prime Rib with a sweet potato

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