Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taste Of Buffalo 2012 - Krystal's Picks

The Taste of Buffalo is one of those staple summer events that many Buffalonians look forward to each year. This two day event brings together over 50 restaurants, a handful of local wineries and vendors from throughout WNY to put on the largest two day food festival in the United States.

We decided to hit it up right when it opened on Saturday, July 7th at 11am. My boyfriend and I each bought $20 worth of tickets, and off we went. 

With $40 worth of sampling to do, we were able to taste so many different items. Out of everything we tried, there were only a few misses among so many outstanding items. The best part about The Taste of Buffalo is that it always gives me a handful of new restaurants to try out! 

I won't go into the details of every item we tried, but here are my top five picks from the festival, with a few other honorable mention items to follow. 

The Cheesy Chick's Lucky 7 Sandwich - It was the first item we tried for the day, and besides the fact that it was the biggest "bang for the buck" in terms of ticket cost and what we got, it was absolutely delicious. The sandwich is a combination of seven different meats and cheeses with onion, garlic and spices on Italian bread. It was absolutely outstanding, and set the bar high for the rest of the day! 

Papaya's Koren BBQ Short Ribs - This was one of the last items we had and it was cooked perfectly. The ribs were tender and full of flavor. I was at Papaya for the first time a few weeks back, and I'm already looking forward to getting back there. 

Garris Bar-B-Que's Catfish Nuggets - While I thought they could have used some kind of sauce to dip them in, the catfish nuggets were one of the items I was looking forward to trying and they didn't disappoint. They were crispy and the fish was delicious. I need to check out the restaurant on William Street soon!

Carmine's Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms with a Lobster Sauce - These mushrooms were huge and packed with flavor. The lobster sauce to finish it off was delicious. I have never checked out Carmine's before, but am looking forward to getting there soon. 

Eddie Ryan's Pot Roast Sandwich & Reuben - Both were delicious and both were incredibly flavorful. Good reubens are hard to find, but this is one place you need to check out! I kept asking myself why I haven't been there before, but quickly realized I hardly ever get out to Lancaster. Now I have a reason to! 

Honorable Mention Items:

- Krazy Corn from Lloyd's Taco Truck - Where the heck has this stuff been all my life and how in all the times I've checked out Lloyd's did I not get this? So beyond delicious. 

- Fat Bob's Mac & Cheese - This is one item I get every year and it always makes me happy. In my opinion, they have the best mac and cheese in Buffalo. The rest of their menu is great too! 

- Turkey Slider from Dinosaur BBQ - All I have to say is, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THESE PEOPLE TO BUFFALO! I have heard there are more serious talks to bring them to Buffalo, and I know I'm not the only one happy about this. 

If you missed out on this year's Taste of Buffalo, you need to make sure it gets put on the calendar for next year, NOW! Out of towners, this is the perfect weekend to make a trip to Buffalo. It is truly a community event that is filled with so much Buffalove!

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