Monday, July 2, 2012

Dug's Dive

Last Thursday we were invited to spend the evening boating around the Harbor with some friends. They were docked at the Small Boat Harbor right near Dug's Dive, so my boyfriend and I decided to get dinner there before we sailed away. 

I'd be lying if I said this was my first time at Dug's Dive. At the end of last summer, when I spent an afternoon at Tifft Nature Preserve, I grabbed lunch there. I honestly wasn't impressed and really didn't think I'd make my way back again. However, since I knew we were going to be right there, I decided to give them one more try, and I'm glad I did!

Dug's Dive has seating outside and inside but when we arrived there was a wait for outside seating so we grabbed a table inside, since we had plans after. There are a decent number of tables both inside and out and almost all tables have some view of the waterfront.

I went back and forth on two menu items (the shrimp scampi and the fried chicken dinner) but finally settled on the fried chicken dinner. My boyfriend ordered the calamari, a Casear salad and tried the grilled potato salad. The fried chicken dinner came with four pieces of fried chicken (they were each pretty small), coleslaw, corn on the cob and sweet potato fries. 

Unlike my first time out there, the food this time around was good. I’m not one to order fried chicken often, but I really enjoyed the meal. The chicken, while it seemed like there was a little more “fried” than chicken, was crispy and full of flavor. The sweet potato fries were a great treat and had just the right amount of butter to top them off. The coleslaw was flavorful (and I’m a hard one to please when it comes to coleslaw). The corn was cooked perfectly and was just the right amount of sweet. The meal cost $14, and I felt it was very reasonable for what I received. My boyfriend’s choices all panned out well too and he was happy with his selections.

Our service was great, and the atmosphere inside was perfect for a beautiful summer night in Buffalo. The d├ęcor has a nautical feel to it, and the large bar is a great place to grab a drink after work. It would be a fun place to spend with a date, and is a good place for families too!

Dug’s Dive also offers a small to-go ice cream shop so you can cool off and then sit by the docks and watch the boats come in and out!

If you are in the area, or are looking for a place to eat “on the water”, check out Dug’s Dive. They are located at 1111 Fuhrmann Boulevard in Buffalo. Dug’s Dive is part of the Curtain Family restaurants (which includes The Steer and Lake Effect Diner on Main Street in Buffalo).

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