Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Brick Oven Pizzeria & Sports Bar in Tonawanda

One morning last summer, I woke up to find out that my favorite pizzeria, St. Angelo's (on Somerville Avenue in Tonawanda), was lost in a fire early that morning. Pizzerias in Tonawanda are all over the place; there are four within a short walking distance to my house alone. Despite all the choices, most town residents have their favorite, and St. Angelo's wasn't just a pizzeria to me, but, as corny as it sounds, the food behind so many memories throughout my adult life.

I had heard a few months back that the owners of St. Angelo's were going to reopen under a different name, so when I saw the signs for The Brick Oven Pizzeria in the same plaza where St. Angelo's was, I hoped that this was the place! To my delight, it was! Two of the three owners from St. Angelo's are back with the same pizza recipe!

I ordered a personal pan pizza on a Friday night, and beat the rush, before the crowd came. It was a gorgeous day out, so I justified getting the pizza by walking up there to get it.

There are two entrances to the new Brick Oven (formerly The Somerville Grill), one for take out and the other the sit down restaurant and bar. I peeked my head in the restaurant area and there are ample tables and a decent sized bar for guests to enjoy. The take out entrance is tiny, with the register counter and a small area to pick up. It wasn't busy yet, but I could see it getting a little crowded in there when a bunch of people pick up orders on their way home from work.

I didn't even get ten steps out the door without opening my pizza to see how it looked. It smelled awesome, but was a little bit smaller than the personal pans I used to get at St. Angelo's. I practically ran home so I could enjoy it, and the pizza delivered. It tasted exactly like I remembered, even the bleu cheese was the same kind, and it totally brought back all the memories.

The Brick Oven has many specialty pizzas to choose from in addition to the regular kinds. They offer wings and fingers, subs, entrees, and a bunch of appetizers. The typical wait for pick up is not bad (25 minutes or less depending on your order, before the dinner rush), and the prices are very reasonable.

I've talked to a few people who have ordered other items from the Brick Oven (specialty pizzas, fish frys, subs) and everyone has been satisfied with them.

I'm so happy that I am able to get my favorite pizzeria back, I truly missed them during the 2011 football season, but above that, I am so happy the owners are able to rebuild and be successful in Tonawanda after the devastating fire.

The Brick Oven is located on Somerville Avenue (across the street from the Brighton Drug Store, a block away from Kenmore East High School). If you are in the area and want a quick bite, please stop in and support this local business. To place an order for pick up you can call 862-4242. For those of you wondering, yes, the owners of the Brick Oven also own another Brick Oven Pizzeria on Grand Island.

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