Saturday, March 24, 2012

Le Metro in Williamsville

PLEASE NOTE: Le Metro has CLOSED since this blog was published

I went to Le Metro for the first time a few Thursdays back with my boyfriend and one of his friends for dinner. We, of course, used a Buffalo dining card and I was excited to try this place out. Although I'm sure that reading "I'm excited to try a new place" is getting kinda old now, it's honestly the truth. I get really giddy when I try new places, and my co-workers can tell you that if I'm going out to a new place that night I talk about it most of the day, always investigate it prior to visiting, and tweet and Facebook about it too!

Le Metro is a French bistro located in the Tony Walker plaza on Main Street in Williamsville. They offer a variety of dishes including pastas, salads, seafood, pizzas, pho, sandwiches and more. When I saw the word pho, I had no clue what it was, but thanks to the menu, it clearly described the Vietnamese noodle soup which sounded interesting although to me (and I'm definitely not a "foodie") seemed out of place on the menu.

The atmosphere inside was very comfortable and somewhat upscale, but without any kind of stuffy feel. The decor was cute, and the variety of art on the walls was fun. We were seated in a half booth, I got the booth side, and it was very comfortable. We were promptly seated and our service throughout the night was good.

To be honest, when I looked up the menu online, nothing really shot out at me but the french steak sandwich (grilled flat iron steak, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, sauteed spinach and gruyere. It was served with French fries for $16) . I'm not typically a steak sandwich kinda girl, and I didn't want to blog about a steak sandwich, but this one sounded great, so I went with my gut and ordered it. My boyfriend had the Pasta Arrabiatta (penne, prosciutto, red pepper flakes, vodka-tomato sauce for $15). The other guest in our party also had the french steak sandwich.

We ordered the pull apart bruschetta and the French Onion wontons and some wine to start off the meal and while anything with bread makes me happy, I didn't fall in love with the bruschetta, but the wontons were great (like French Onion soup!).

The flow of the meal worked well and my steak sandwich tasted just as good as it sounded. The steak was cooked perfectly to my liking (medium) and the combination of all the flavors really hit the spot. The fries were great too, and I was glad I ordered it. My boyfriend couldn't stop "mming" and he absolutely loved his pasta dish (I had a bite too and it was really good!). All three of us were really happy with our meals!

The only real gripe of the night, and this is being awfully nit-picky, (and take into account I could finish off an entire baguette myself in one sitting), they didn't bring you a basket of bread, but you were brought one slice of bread. I can easily go through the basket myself in any other restaurant, but I suppose, healthy eating wise, it was good there wasn't a basket of bread there (especially with the bruschetta).

Overall, the restaurant was reasonably priced for the meals we ate, had a comfortable and fun atmosphere for catching up with friends and I'd suggest it if you haven't been there yet and are looking for something new. Plus, with a tagline of "Buffalo Born. Buffalo Bread." how can this Buffalover not appreciate them?

They open daily at 11am for lunch and are open Monday - Thursday until 10pm, Friday and Saturday until 11pm and Sundays until 9pm. To make a reservation you can call, 631-2725.

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