Monday, February 13, 2012

Special Spaces Buffalo

After attending “Hunter’s Day of Hope” this past weekend at The Buffalo Bills Field House, I’m reminded of how precious life is, and how blessed parents are who have children. So many of my friends, siblings and relatives have healthy children I’ve seen grow into awesome people, but not every family is so lucky. Many rooms at Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, and other hospitals throughout WNY are filled with children fighting for their lives, and families who are struggling to make ends meet.

For these children and families, small victories and miracles are often what gets them through this challenging time. One local organization, Special Spaces Buffalo, works hard to create those small miracles.

The concept is simple: create a “dream” bedroom for sick children in Western New York so that they can be a little more comfortable during their illness.

The original idea for Special Spaces was created by Jennifer Swain in Knoxville, TN. Lynn Weber-Wall watched an episode of Secret Millionaire and saw Jennifer and her family create a princess bedroom for a little girl who had cancer. It inspired her to start up the not-for-profit Special Spaces Buffalo. Since that episode of Secret Millionaire aired, 19 affiliates of Special Spaces have opened up around the country. Special Spaces Buffalo is the first one in New York!

The organization is funded solely through the generous donations of individuals, companies and organizations. They have a contact at Children’s Hospital and are given the names of children in need. Unfortunately, there is never a shortage of sick kids, so the need for funding is always vital.

As of today, there are three children on the waiting list to receive bedroom makeovers from Special Spaces Buffalo. The sad reality that Special Spaces is faced with, is that sometimes children pass away before they can receive their room makeover. This is why corporate sponsorships and donations from the community are extremely important, to ensure a steady cash flow to get the rooms done quickly.
In addition to donations from the community, Special Spaces Buffalo is in need of skilled workers (seamstresses, carpenters, painters, builders, etc…). If you are interested in helping out on one of the upcoming room makeovers, you can contact Lynn at

You can find out how to make a donation, or for more information on Special Spaces Buffalo, on their website They also have a Facebook page.

Lovin’ On Buffalo has chosen Special Spaces Buffalo as one of the “12 Missions in ’12” organizations, and will work hard to fund and complete ONE room makeover for the organization. Please check back and stay tuned for more details!

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