Thursday, February 16, 2012

Buffalo Botanical Gardens "Night Lights at the Gardens"

Before last Friday, I had never been to The Botanical Gardens before, true story. I'm kind of ashamed to admit that, but I guess it never really came up as an option. So when I saw the advertisements and articles about the "Night Lights in the Gardens", I made it my mission to get there! As an added bonus, my boyfriend, who typically works every Friday night, scored the night off and we made it our date night!

We started the night off at Sole, on Elmwood (blog will be coming later this week about them!) and then headed down to the Gardens. I don't get over to that part of the city often, so it was fun driving through the streets. At first sight, the Botanical Gardens are gorgeous. The white exterior and domed tops are beautiful and we couldn't believe how many cars were in the parking lot.

The night lights cost was $10 per person (non-members), $8 for students/seniors/members, $5 for kids 3-12, and kids under 3 are free. For just a general admission to the Gardens it costs $7 per person, $6 for students/seniors, $4 for kids 3-12 and members and kids under 3 are free. They do host other special events and you would have to check out their website
for special event prices.

“Night Lights at the Gardens” transforms the Botanical Gardens into a whimsical space filled with interactive lighting displays and soundscapes. A drum overlooking the Gardens waterfall is used to change the colors of the lights and all visitors can try it out for themselves. The Gardens are filled with a dozen houses featuring plants from all over the world. My favorite room to check out was House 4, the Desert House, filled with different cacti and agave plants.

The event also featured live music (on Friday nights only) and it was a great addition to the lighting displays. They had artwork hanging of photographs taken of The Botanical Gardens and I enjoyed learning about the history of the Gardens and how important they have been to the Buffalo community.

During our walk through of The Gardens various people were commenting on plants, telling us more about them and naming plants we didn’t know. The atmosphere inside was wonderful; a great mix of families, couples, and friends all looking for a fun night out.

I don’t have a green thumb. I’ve planted some flowers here and there outside my house and in my backyard, but I am terrible at the up-keep. I don’t know much about different plants, but the Botanical Gardens gave me so much new insight and appreciation for all that gardeners do. I went to the event just looking for something new and fun to do in Buffalo, but I left with a lot of knowledge and respect!

My only misstep, not getting to The Botanical Gardens in the daytime first! While this event was a lot of fun, I think it would have been more fun if I had gone to the Gardens before and had a better “lay of the land”. Some of the plant signs were harder to read in the dark so I am sure I missed out on learning and seeing some of the plants and flowers inside.

If you want to check out “Night Lights at the Gardens” it is only running for one more weekend (this Friday and Saturday). Check out their website for all the details on times. If you haven’t been to the Gardens yet, make sure to get there this spring and summer. In addition to the houses indoors,they have various gardens outside and I am looking forward to going back there this summer to take a look at all the colorful flowers and gardens!

The address for The Botanical Gardens is 2655 South Park, Buffalo, NY. If you would like to call for more information they can be reached at 716-827-1584. The Gardens are also available for weddings and parties and would be an absolutely gorgeous place to host a reception!

Two big green thumbs up Buffalo!

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  1. Hey. It's Doug with NIGHT LIGHTS. Thanks for the wonderful blog post. Glad you had fun. And yes, the Gardens is an awesome place in the daylight hours. Come see us at our NIGHT LIGHTS summer location in Chautauqua County Take care!