Monday, May 27, 2013

Krystal's Buffalo Summer To Do List - 2013

Summer comes and goes entirely too fast in Buffalo. There are hundreds of events to choose from to fill up my schedule, but there just never seems to be enough time to do everything I want. Come September, I find myself saying, "I wish I did that!" 

To help focus my summer plans, I've created my own "MUST DO" Buffalo Summer 2013 To-Do List. Some are obvious staples I do every summer, and some are random personal summer goals. I plan on updating this blog post throughout the summer as I check things off.

Feel free to join in, or, even better - create your own Buffalo To Do List and send it my way!!! I'll pick out some of my favorites and post them! 

Krystal's Buffalo Summer 2013 To Do List:

1.) Get to every Buffalo food truck at some point this summer!
2.) Throw a wine party featuring all "local" wines and food!
3.) Take at least 5 tours offered by Buffalo Tours
4.) Try all the fitness classes offered at Canalside this summer (Zumba starts June 4th)
5.) Take a hard hat tour of The Central Terminal! - Sunday, June 9th
6.) Tour at The Darwin Martin House
7.) Take a Lockport Locks cruise
8.) Enjoy a bottle of local wine outside around our patio/fire pit (we are putting one in soon!)
9.) Buy a new piece of artwork at the Allentown Art Festival - Sunday, June 9th
10.) Tour at Graycliff Estate in Derby, NY
11.) Take a tour at Forest Lawn Cemetary
12.) Cross the Ride For Roswell finish line after biking 30 miles
13.) Tour the Teddy Roosevelet Site
14.) Cheer on the Bisons at Coca Cola Field and get cotton candy with Jacob
15.) Take a Whirlpool Jet Boat tour
16.) Take a hot air balloon ride over Letchworth State Park (thanks Dad for the best Christmas gift ever!)
17.) Take Jacob on a nature hike around Tifft Nature Preserve
18.) Sample something I've never tried before at The Taste of Buffalo
19.) Water bikes at Canalside
20.) Strawberry picking - and hopefully the crop is better than last year
21.) Cherry picking (we didn't get to go last year because the crop was so poor)
22.) Visit the Niagara wineries - Saturday, June 1st
23.) Visit the Burchfield Penney Arts Center (preferably on a rainy summer day)
24.) Spend an afternoon at the Griffis Sculpture Park (West Valley, NY - close enough!)
25.) Lead a great tour for Buffalo Bites Food Tours
26.) Beach day
27.) Rock climbing at Silo City Rocks
28.) Visit the new location for Lake Effect Ice cream and sample something new - Thursday, June 6th
29.) Get to Artpark and Canalside for a few concerts
30.) Throw a party at Shakespeare in the Park - you are all invited (bring a dish to pass)


  1. Fabulous list! I hope to do some of these things with you. I really want to take the hard hat tour at Central Terminal, for instance. Paul has a final interview this Friday in Buffalo so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a late-June move date!

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