Friday, March 15, 2013

Tabree On Main in Snyder

Tabree on Main has been on my "WNY Restaurant To-Do List" for a while now, but because it is a more upscale and pricey restaurant, it's been pushed down the list many times.

Last week though, we were looking for a restaurant to take my boyfriend's Mom for her birthday, and decided to splurge and treat us all to Tabree. They are also in the Buffalo Dining Cards for 2013! We chose an early time for dinner, 5pm (which is when they open), and we were the first customers to arrive. 

They are located on Main Street near Harlem Road. The small brick building can get lost in the shuffle of Main Street if you aren't looking, and parking is behind the restaurant in a lot connected to an office building. You enter the restaurant from behind.

Once inside, the restaurant is gorgeous and looks bigger than the building suggests. There is a large bar when you first walk in and then a seating area that has around 15 tables. The dark wood throughout the bar and restaurant is gorgeous and the space is very inviting and comfortable. Candles lit throughout the restaurant add to a wonderful ambiance that fills the space.

Appetizers include escargot, foie gras, scallops and more and run from $9.50 - $21.00. 
Entrees run from $19.00 - $40.00 with amazing French inspired dishes including chicken, duck, seafood, beef and pasta entrees. They also have a very large wine menu with glasses running from $6 and up. 

I was excited when each of us chose something different to try! For an appetizer, my boyfriend and I split the fried eggplant ($9.50). The eggplant was surrounded by goat cheese a tomato confit and herb pesto. The combination of flavors was outstanding and since I'm a huge goat cheese fan, was excited by the amount of cheese they included on the plate. It didn't take away from the eggplant at all, and all the flavors came through. 

My boyfriend's Mom started with the classic Caesar salad ($8.50). It came out as a wedge salad with a generous portion of Romaine lettuce topped with homemade croutons, anchovy, egg and their Caesar dressing. The dressing was very subtle and did not overpower like some Casear dressings can. The croutons were lightly seasoned and tasty. There was a considerable amount of egg on the salad, and I felt it took away from the dish because all you could taste was the egg.

My dinner entree selection was the Coq Au Vin ($26.00). It was two pieces of braised chicken, roasted root vegetables and spaetzle in a red wine sauce. From the first bite, to the last attempt to get a little more chicken off the bone, the dish was fantastic. The red wine sauce had an intoxicating smell to it and the chicken was cooked perfectly. The vegetables offered a nice mixture of crunch and sweetness to the dish and the spaetzle enhanced it even more. If I didn't think someone would notice, I would have licked the plate clean!
Coq Au Vin
My boyfriend chose the Braised Beef dish ($28.00). The beef sat on a bed of cheddar grits, carottes Vichy and was surrounded by a bordelaise sauce. The combination of the beef and the grits was great and while I only sampled a little myself, there were numerous "mmm's" from my boyfriend. The beef was cooked well and packed full of flavor. I'm a huge fan of grits and these did not disappoint. 

Braised Beef

The final entree selection was the Steak Au Poivne ($38.95). This 12 oz. NY Strip steak was served with frites. My boyfriend's Mom hasn't had a steak in over five years, and if she was going to wait that long to have one again, this is the one to do it with. The giant piece of meat was cooked perfectly and was absolutely delicious. The frites were crispy and some of the best frites I've had locally. 

Steak Au Poivne

Tabree on Main has it all. They combine the look, the feel and the taste into one incredible dining experience. You have a handful of great upscale options in Western New York for special nights out, but Tabree should be your next stop! They are open Monday - Saturday starting at 5:00pm. They are well worth the cost, and will give you a wonderful night out with those you love! 

Want the proof? Check out our plates at the end of our meal! 

For more reviews on Tabree, check out:  Tabree on Urbanspoon

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