Monday, January 7, 2013

Break'N Eggs Creperie in Williamsville

We kicked off our restaurant adventures in 2013 at Break' N Eggs Creperie on Main Street in Williamsville. This new restaurant has only been open since mid September 2012, and it's been on our "must try" list since we heard about it. It is located next to Trattoria Aroma in a small plaza near the new hotel build. The small restaurant only has seating for around 35 people, but what the restaurant lacks in seating, it surely makes up for in quality and atmosphere. The restaurant has a "Rustic French" feel to it with browns and beiges as the color palate. The ceiling features gorgeous wood beams that we thought were a unique way to cover up a boring tiled ceiling. A beautiful wood floor and wood tables finish off the look. 

When we arrived there were no tables of two available, so we waited a few minutes. The owner came over and offered us and another couple a "community table" that sat six. Neither of us had a problem with it, so we were sat a lot quicker than I thought we would be. Our waitress promptly brought us menus and took our drink orders, and it quickly became apparent that we would have a hard time deciding what crepes to order. 

Our table was seated right next to where owner, Bob Sweeney was working on the crepes. The restaurant features an open kitchen setting to allow for customers to see their food being made, and to be honest I felt like I was watching a show! It was an added bonus to see the workers in the kitchen as they prepared the meals. As we watched Chef Bob prepare the different breakfast, lunch and dessert crepes we all "oohed" and "ahhed" wondering which was which. I finally settled for #12 ($11.25) on their menu: "Savoury crepe" with chicken, asparagus, roasted red peppers and a mornay (cheese) sauce (see picture below). My boyfriend ordered #15 ($13.95), also a savoury crepe with beef tenderloin, caramelized onions, mushrooms, goat cheese and a blueberry chipotle sauce.  Each crepe came with a small side salad of mixed greens with their homemade maple balsamic vinaigrette.  

Our meals were prepared for us within about 6 minutes and we were excited to dig in. Both of our crepes were outstanding, bursting with flavor and the crepes were perfectly cooked complimenting the meats and veggies. The side salad was dressed with the most delicious homemade dressing I've had. I left there wishing I could take a bottle with me. 

We didn't want our meal to be over, so we asked for the dessert menu and settled on #33 - a strawberry dessert crepe filled with strawberries, a strawberry sauce, whipped cream and topped with honey butter and some powdered sugar (see picture below). 

The prices are on the higher end for breakfast, but it is well worth it. I wouldn't say this is somewhere we could make our regular breakfast/lunch spot, but we will be back to try more menu items soon. If you have family/friends in from out of town, this would be the perfect breakfast spot to take them if you want something a little more upscale. 

The staff was very friendly and both owners checked in on us to see how the meals were and made a point to say goodbye as we put on our coats. It was definitely a wonderful experience and we are so excited to have another fun spot in Williamsville to check out. 

The entire time we were there, they were on a steady wait, but the wait time moved along quickly and no one seemed to mind. The only downside we could find about the restaurant was the parking situation. They only have five or six spots outside the building to park in (or other plaza spots if there are any). As soon as you back out you are almost in the street, so just be cautious of that. 

If you are in the area to shop on Main Street, or are just looking for a great new culinary adventure, get over to Break' N Eggs Creperie. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. 

Staff working at the open kitchen, one of my favorite features

#12 - Chicken, asparagus, roasted red peppers and mornay sauce

#33 - Strawberry dessert crepe with whipped cream and a dollop of honey butter on top


  1. tons of parking in the back!
    always a good meal at Break 'n Eggs

  2. Love Break n Eggs! Great eats in the village! Will not be disappointed

  3. I also appreciate open kitchens, I get inspired with all the kitchen utensils they use. And at least, I see how they make my food. I don't need to worry much, unless the kitchen is not that clean at all.