Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CALL FOR MEMBERS: Lovin' On Buffalo Book Club

I love learning about Buffalo and its history. 
I love supporting people who are from Buffalo. 
I love to read. 

Combine all three of those sentences and you get the newly formed "Lovin' On Buffalo Book Club".

The book club is open to ALL, and I hope you will join in. We are currently looking for charter members to participate in year one of the book club. If you are interested, you can e-mail Krystal at ksondel@hotmail.com and we will add you to our mailing list. 

The intent is to have a website or blog up and running by mid-December so we are ready to go for January 2013. Taking into account busy schedules, we are going to start off with six books a year, one every other month, and plan meetings at different local coffee shops/eateries to discuss the books. Depending on the number of books we are purchasing, I will contact the author or local bookstores to see if we are able to get a discount. I also have calls/e-mails out to local libraries to see if they have copies. 

I will also be contacting the authors of the books we choose to read, and hopefully they will be able to virtually be with us at the book club meetings, answer some questions in advance or actually attend the meetings. 

If you have a published book about Buffalo or are from Buffalo, please feel free to 
e-mail me your book information and we will get it added to the reading list. 

The book club will be a great place to meet new people and discuss a common love: Buffalo, NY! We are looking for readers from 18 - 99, so come one come all. Get a group of your friends involved, make it a family thing, or curl up before bed with your spouse/significant other and read away! 

Happy reading! 

2013 Tentative Reading List:
(Once the group is formed, we can decide if six books for the year is enough or if we want to try to sneak in a few more. The books below are a good representation of different genres of reading. If you don't see your favorite Buffalo book on the list below, don't worry, we can decide as a group if we want to add others in or change some out.)

Brighter Buffalo: Renewing A City by Maria Scrivani

Buffalo Gal by Laura Pedersen

Buffalo Lockjaw by Greg Ames

Buffalo Memories by George Kunz

City of Light by Lauren Belfer

The Long Walk by Brian Castner

*Click on the links to check out the descriptions of the books. I spent a lot of time researching and asking locals which Buffalo books were there favorites. That is how I came up with this initial list of six. There are plenty of others out there to keep us going for many years. 



  1. Is it possible to join the book club "long distance"?
    Kelly from Fort Myers, FL

    1. Yes, Kelly :) We'd love to have you!!! We can connect via Skype or other ways during meetings. E-mail me and I'll get you on the list!

  2. Hi I own a local business and was looking for someone to host a book club. I am way to busy to do it myself, let me know if your interested.
    De, Business in Downtown Buffalo.